Friday, August 6, 2010

What Washing Your Hands May Say About You.

P Perform acts of kindness
E Embrace silence, solitude and nature.
A Avoid the unhealthy pursuit of wealth and power.
C Consider the interests of others as equal or more important than your own. Broaden your world view.
E Encourage non-violence.

Today take a simple act like using a public restroom and turn it into a character building experience. Notice how easy it is to wash your hands in a public restroom (many at home do this as well) and then shake your wet hands, splattering the mirror. It may be someone's job to clean the mirror but why not drip gently in the sink and then wipe off the sink with your hand towel as you leave. It is a kind act, a hygenic act and your will be training yourself to be aware of your actions and to consider the interests of others as important.

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