Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blueberry Jam

P Perform acts of kindness
E Embrace Silence and Solitude and Nature.
A Avoid the unhealthy pursuit of wealth and power.
C Consider the interests of others as equal or more important than your own and broaden your world view.
E Encourage non-violence.

I was toasting bread for my wife and I one morning. We both favored the organic blueberry jam in the cupboard which was evidenced this particular morning by the fact that there was only enough jam left in the jar for one piece of toast. Without thinking about it I automatically began to spread it on my own piece of toast. I stopped myself thinking "why did I not automatically put it on HER toast?" The big problems in life start with the little problems of the heart. To my credit, I stopped in time to give her the blueberry jam and resorted to the full jar of high fructose corn syrup grape jam we had in the cupboard left from a Christmas gift basket. Bless the heart of those who gave THAT to us. :)

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