Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dr. Silence

He is often a bit rude as he forces you to create something out of nothing.  He does not allow any possible distractions in his clinic, so you are alone with no one but yourself. No magazines, no radio, no tv, no smart phones, wall pictures, human or synthetic noises, or games to play. He does however, allow you to visit him in the solitude and energizing surroundings of a still, sunny, warm day in a natural place with somethings that can hardly be catagorized as noise...and surely not distractions; birds, creeks, wind, leaves.

He guarantees his service will allow you to face the real you and make plans for a new day, a new adventure or a new beginning. His presence allows you to fall in love with yourself, yet will inspire humility. Dr Silence is always in and available. Set your own appintment and then prepare to enjoy him as he will surely mold a new perspective, a brighter tomorrow, a broader worldview and a delightfully simple prescription for your own peace; one that will influence your corner of the world.

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