Sunday, November 7, 2010

Draw the Line

Non-peace promoting actions are generally camouflaged in excuses like "this was an exception" or "it was necessary to help others". Peace is not an option though, it is a road without rabbit trails. A person is either on the road of peace on they are not. There is not a path that leads to peace, rather there is a path that is called peace and from it there are no turn arounds, exits or intersections.

Pursuing peace means self-confidence, purpose, courage and compassion are heightened and the ability to speak peace into any situation is refined and powerful.

Pursue peace. Decide to be a Peacemaker. Draw the Line and step onto the road that is peace.

P: Perform acts of kindness. Make it a habit because that is the way you are, not just a random decision.
E: Embrace times of silence and solitude in natural places.
A: Avoid the unhealthy pursuit of wealth and power.
C: Consider the interests of others as equal or more important than your own.
E: Encourage non-violence in all of life and every situation.

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