Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Humility or Entitlement

P Perform acts of kindness

E Embrace Silence and Solitude and Nature.
A Avoid the unhealthy pursuit of wealth and power.
C Consider the interests of others as equal or more important than your own and broaden your world view.
E Encourage non-violence.

I was listening to a young teenager filled with rage. In this treatment facility the kids do not have to do what they are told. If they choose poorly they will not receive certain privileges. This resident had destroyed hundreds of dollars worth of property (on site, not including his crimes that landed him here). He had earned himself consequences that meant no nice snacks for seven days, as well as other losses, however, a mistake in computer reports turned his consequences into just one day. In spite of his good fortune, his verbal abuse of a staff person and filthy talk that day was threatening to added another 24 hours to the loss of privileges. He cursed, complained and cried. "You can't do that! I didn't do nothin. You fuckin' pathetic bitches. Fuck this place." A broken child indeed and yet, even broken people have to learn certain principles to live in community with others.

We have encouraged ourselves in western culture to embrace a sense of entitlement. People OWE me. Society OWES me. I DESERVE this. GIVE me that! A secure, confident and humble heart says, "I have what I need. What I need is something I already possess that is deep inside and cannot be taken away! If someone needs some hope, confidence, compassion or love, they can borrow some of mine until they some of their own!"

Yes, we want to give and instill this truth in our young and we should always pursue this truth as we grow. Conflict in the world has at its roots a sense of entitlement and a lack of humility. How can you and I facilitate the growth of self-confidence, humility and generousity in our lives, families and culture?

Peace is wrapped in such character traits.


peacepoints :)

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