Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Did I Miss?

I should have never started thinking about it, but I did. I always got a little bit annoyed when people visiting Alaska would complain that they never saw a bear, a moose or a lynx.They would drive from Anchorage to Fairbanks and in 8 hours and 400 miles, see "nothing".

I guess it was a good thing because now I am usually on the lookout for what I might be missing. We often hurry along-speeding through life-and miss the bear, moose or lynx which did not miss us at all. We walk fast, drive fast and run past more than we will ever know. I wonder how much more I actually see in a 200 mile drive or a 20 mile bike ride than I observe in a 1 hour rest on a little mountain knoll with a pair of eyes and an inquiring heart?

Since bikes are great and cars are necessary perhaps my plan should be to take the lessons and the peace I embrace on "little mountain knolls" into all areas of living! Now, that is living!


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