Thursday, August 12, 2010

Money Might Cost You More Than You Can Afford.

The best things in life really are free. A lady asked me what would be wrong with living in a certain place, a certain way and then taking vacations to nicer places. I said "it seems that would be like hitting my thumb with a hammer everyday of the year and then quitting for a couple of weeks each year to help it heal."

Money dictates way too much of what we embrace, what we do and where we go. We have to protect it, save it, account for it and more. We even spend money trying to keep it from robbers, having someone else watch it and paying others to use it.

Most people work to save some of it to spend it on something that is almost free: Enjoying nature, walks in the hills and through the forest, skiing over fresh fallen snow, sitting on a tree stump for a romantic picnic adventure and listening to a mountain stream dance through the rocks.

The pursuit of financial gain and accumulation can be costly. So, what is the conclusion here? What is the point of this posting? Only to cause thought.

Peace to You!

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