Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Doing and Being

We spend most of our lives "doing". Few of us spend a healthy amount of time "being". It is true that even when we are relaxing, meditating or praying we are still doing something. In fact, even when we are sleeping we are "doing". Yet, there is a plethora of evidence that shows how people who meditate are more emotionally stable, more intelligent and more creative. Research tells us that this is largely because the cortical regions of the brain are thicker in people who meditate regularly. These thicker areas of the brain protect the organ, prevent impulsiveness and promote health and wellness.

The pursuit of peace in our lives, homes, and world is directly dependant on people developing their ability to "be" and not just "do". Taking time to "be" is actually more important than just about anything in life. It refreshes the soul, provides a happiness or a joy, allows a person to think clearly and use critical thinking skills. It fights crime, poor health, sadness and rage.

Quanamics is a great way to learn the art of "being" and living in the moment and seizing the opportunities that each day brings to "be" and become a better person.

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