Thursday, February 7, 2013

Let It Begin With Me

You've heard the song and the saying; let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. It may be a beautiful song and a great, albeit, contrived saying however, it hasn't seemed to work, at least on a grand or global scale.

Peace is often seen as everyone elses problem. If they would just stop doing this or that, then there would be a resolution and peace could then be possible. If they would stop bombing us, if they would stop marginalizing us, if he would stop teasing me, if she would stop nagging me, if they would keep their dog out of our yard, etc.

Peace, however, must begin with a person who can sometimes be a doormat. That is very unpopular for humans. We don;t have much ambition to be walked on or used no matter what the outcome might be. Ironically, the people we most remember and who have impacted the world the most were the giants of humanity that were able to do just that. God is Light and in God there is no darkness. Darkness can block the light, but the light cannot be destroyed. However, in contrast, light can expunge the darkness. Peace is not as far away as it seems. It begins with you and me. Let it!

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